A great video story  unfolds, in real time,  and the visuals tell a story. (The web is a visual medium, otherwise the SONY Walkman would still be the device of choice.) Also, since it’s the World Wide Web, a great video story can go viral even if you don’t speak the language if there’s a compelling story told in the visuals.

Here’s a great example: the climb to the top of a 1,768 foot transmission tower as seen through a technician’s helmet camera. You don’t need any hysterical narration here. As a matter of fact, you don”t need any narration at all (though I’d love to hear from the guy making the climb, what he thinks while he’s on his commute, etc)

And here’s another similar video with literally breath taking visuals. Ironically, I think the second camera viewpoint stat at 2.00 minutes is even scarier.

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