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This is the class blog for the Visual Storytelling for the Web Classes at the CUNY Graduate School Of Journalism in New York City. It’s being taught by Bob Sacha and Maisie Crow.


SUGGESTED READING: In the Blink of An Eye, by Walter Murch ($7.91)
by the brilliant Oscar winning editor and sound designer, with great advice for all visual storytellers.

More Walter Murch links



The History of Online Video ok, the last 5 years.

National Film Board of Canada: Capturing Reality, the Art of the Documentary
check out their amazing interactive stories too

Out My Window, a 360 degree documentary is really brilliant.


Ira Glass on storytelling

#1 the basics


finding great stories


on good taste


on common pitfalls



Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

In this a wonderful document, Professor Mindy McAdams, an online journalism professor at the University of Florida, gives a lot of smart explanations on tools, tips, tricks and a path to becoming a multimedia journalist. You can download the pdf directly. Check out her blog too.


Using the Marantz PMD660 recorder for second system sound.

instruction book

Here’s the Marantz PMD660 instruction book if you get lost.

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