Adam Westbrook's Video Decision Workflow


Adam Westbrook has a cool post on How To Make Boring Things Interesting in Video.

At the least, when you think of a story for video, run it through this flowchart.

Remember that a story and a topic are two very different things.
A topic is a broad subject, like  ‘Immigration.”

A story is about a very narrow specific  part of that topic, often based on a specific character that has a name and a phone number and a surprise

Here’s an excerpt from Adam’s post:

What is video bad at?

Human emotions are probably the most complex things out there but video can convey them better than any other medium. When it comes to other complex issues however, video is out of its depth:
  •      – Politics and meetings: much of it happens behind closed doors, is polemic and involves little physical movement
  •      – Business, economics and theory: similarly non-visual at first glance
  •      – Statistics, numbers and data: video and data journalism don’t sit side by side
  •      – Interviews (yes, really): video is not designed for people sitting down and talking

However, almost everyone involved in video finds themselves working on the latter a lot of the time. The nightly news has to cover politics and the economy. A management accountancy firm has to make videos about management accountancy. We all have to run interviews (…do we?)
              So the question then is: how do we make this shit interesting?
               “There’s no such thing as boring knowledge. Only boring presentation.”…Dan Roam
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Via Adam Westbrook: Should You Make That Story into a Video? Follow the Flow..

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