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Even though we’re in this relationship and we are married, we basically live single lives. I’m not chasing tail or anything.
My name’s Chinam Tomeda. I’m in a long-distance marriage. My wife’s name is Emiri. We were married a little over three years ago. We met through, it was kind of a matched marriage where we met through a family friend and they introduced us to each other.
We went to different places, we met a lot of my friends, we went to New York City. This is from the 9/11 memorial, Bear Mountain pictures. Yeah, they’re out of order, but yeah.
You know a lot of people get married and that’s like kind of like the peak of their relationship. But for us, for me at least, it’s kind of like the beginning since you know, we just met.
Our relationship is, our communication I should say is done mainly through Skype and messaging apps. Our time zones are 12 hours, 13 hours apart so when I’m awake she’s sleeping. We have to plan out our Skype sessions ahead of time.
The few times we did have disagreements, at least on my end, I try not, you know, react in anger but you know know calm myself down first, try to figure it out, what I’m feeling and what’s actually making me upset.
And at the end of the day, we’re still in a relationship with each other, we’re still committed to each other. I mean the smallest things do creep up but these things that might have not bothered us before can bother us now and sometimes we might not have the best of days.
I’m more positive when I’m with her or when I’m talking to her. Normally, I’m a rather cynical, pessimistic, negative person but when I’m talking with her or being with her, it’s hard to be like that.

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