This  is a class that values good research and smart reporting. Great visual storytelling is great journalism.

You will have three assignments in the class. Each assignment will consist of a short video (1-3 minutes)  for the web. The subjects will be, in order:

  • 1) A person
  • 2) A place
  • 3) An issue
  • One of your three projects must use some still photography.

    A milestone is due almost every week for these projects. These milestone’s reflect the process in the real world. They’re also good practice for you to follow in your own work.

    Each assignment’s requirements  include:

    • – a 2 minute pitch in class based on your reporting and research plus a shot list
    • – a radio cut, which is an audio only cut of your finished piece…presented in class
    • – a rough cut, which is the finished piece give or take 25%…presented in class
    • – the final story cut, which is a polished 1-3 minute video for the web…presented in class

    These milestones will  help you produce outstanding work for the final  pieces.

    Do not be deceived into thinking that short visual journalism is easy. Think of how difficult it is to write a brilliant headline or the ideal tweet, or condense a 90 minute documentary perfectly into 2 minutes.

    Short messages are designed to stand out above the crowd, to cut though hundreds of visual messages each day and to say to someone ”click here and be wowed” and to make you wait a bit before checking your Facebook account.


    Simple is hard.

    It takes time and effort to make great work

    My goal is to help you make great work.

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