Maisie Crow_ FF Two, due 5pm, Sunday September 9

Vanesa Vennard
Made by Hand / No. 4 The Cigar Shop

Made by Hand / No 4 The Cigar Shop from Made by Hand on Vimeo.


Oulimata Ba

Designer Beats, by Leslye Davis


Ezra Eeman,

Then and Now – Ishinomaki 11.11.11 by Paul Johannessen, Ivan Kovac and Jeffrey Jousan (Watch first 5 minutes)

On November 11th, 2011, eight months after the tsunami hit Japan, Paul, Ivan and Jeffrey visited Ishinomaki and interviewed a number of residents, each with very different stories and experiences.

I post it here because there is a tendency to avoid ‘on-screen’ interviews when making short DSLR-video’s and this one proves that a good combination of ‘on-screen’ and off-screen’ is sometimes the way to go.



Nathan Fitch

Nelson by Iva Radivojevic can be viewed by clicking here.


Lisa Armstrong

Intended Consequences

In Rwanda, in 1994, Hutu militia committed a bloody genocide, murdering one million Tutsis. Many of the Tutsi women were spared, only to be held captive and repeatedly raped. Many became pregnant. Intended Consequences tells their stories. See the project at


Rachel Sapin

You’re Looking At Me Like I Don’t Live Here

Watch For Lee Gorewitz, Living With Alzheimer’s is an Odyssey on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.


Terry Chao

“A Reflection”

A Reflection from Variable on Vimeo.


Lindsay Lowe

“Giving Way”

Sean Flynn
Love Canal: An Environmental Disaster

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