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Category: Bob_Film Festival Two

The Pleasure Of – Submitted by Michelle Gross

Two cars, one night submitted by Gwen McClure

Fifty People- One Question- Shannon

YouTube Preview Image

Nordic Odyssey – Zara Katz

Submitted by Lisa R

Aquadettes from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Wait for me- submitted by Anna Teregulova

Wait For Me (3 Minute Documentary) from Red Light Films on Vimeo.

Sound of Vision – Rebecca Sesny

Through the Wormhole: Dark Matter submitted by Ajai

Here is the link:
Narrated by Morgan Freeman


This video from the Magnum/ Le Monde photojournalist Jérôme Sessini is one of the strongest videos coming out of Syria I have seen. It also won a price at the World Press Photo contest.



Unfortunately the embed button seems not to work… I am sorry.

Cut Time, submitted by Jeannie Choi

Cut Time from Andrew Hida on Vimeo.

Photograph of Jesus – submitted by Raed El Rafei

I love the world of archives and I thought this was a playful, fun way to present it!

Living with a Secret (submitted by Elly Yu)

Click here to watch on the website: Living with a Secret

Holy Cow Lisa submitted by Lindsay

Live the Language Beijing – Submitted by Kathleen

Yes, it’s an advertisement but I like it regardless.

Film Festival Voting Form


Here’s the Voting Form


Forecast, Bob Sacha

Are you patient enough to get to the end? Why or Why Not?

btw, one of the exercises is a story without an interview. This would be an A+


Here’s the Voting Form