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Category: Bob_Film Festival One

Soft – Shannon

Richard submitted by Gwen

A Bionic Future, submitted by Ajai Raj

Spirits submitted by Lindsay Armstrong

Sign Language submitted by Anna Teregulova

Slip of the Tongue – submitted by Lisa Rinehart

Stronger – Zara Katz

Taiwan’s Last Sword-maker: Submitted by Kathleen Caulderwood

Wheelhouse Dream, submitted by Jeannie Choi

Wheelhouse Dream, by Laura Elizabeth Pohl

Wheelhouse Dream from Laura Elizabeth Pohl on Vimeo.

Raed Rafei : A Brief History of John Baldessari

The Roper – Rebecca Sesny

YouTube Preview Image

Dominik Wurnig: Crisis of Credit

Somehow I couldn’t embed the video. So that’s the link: [ benevolent editors note: go to the share box and try to grab that link instead. Did it for you this time.]


YouTube Preview Image

“Losers”- Elly W. Yu

A film about bullying.

Made by Everynone


Made by Everynone

Elysabeth & Mark’s Wedding – Michelle Gross

soundtrack of my life…Bob Sacha


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Bob Sacha: The Johnny Cash Project

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Bob Sacha: The Johnny Cash Project

YouTube Preview Image

to see how this crowd sourced video was created, check out The Johnny Cash Project