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Here’s is the official film festival ballot.    You can start voting on Sunday evening.


California is a place. This site makes some of the raddest shorts around and they make me proud of my homeland. This gem is from a few years back. Tons of bros took advantage of the foreclosure crisis by skateboarding in abandoned swimming pools. Yes, we actually talk like that. No, you can’t hear it until I’ve had a couple beers. – Colin Weatherby


Kevin Loria

Wait For Me


Nadia Sussman

The Pleasure of

The pleasure of from Vitùc on Vimeo.




Menglin Huang

Shelter from the Storm – by John X. Carey

“Ms. Reifler is a one of a kind elementary school teacher who educates her students on the importance of living a life that matters. Her classroom gives her low-income, east Los Angeles students a brief refuge.”

Shelter from the Storm from John X. Carey on Vimeo.


David Sanchirico

Made by Hand – The Cigar Shop

Made by Hand / No 4 The Cigar Shop from Made by Hand on Vimeo.

EDIT: I just noticed that I out the same video Elbert put up, so I’m also adding another video by Sports Illustrated. Feel free to watch the first five minutes after the 1:00 minute mark (that really introduces the video).

Jane Teeling

Staying With Vegas – By Karl Brandstater

A single father talks about raising his daughter Vegas. This is a few seconds over the 5-minute mark.

Staying With Vegas from Karl Brandstater on Vimeo.


Kamana Shrestha

Tick Tock by Ien Chi

Last five minutes of a man’s life

YouTube Preview Image

Erin Horan
California kids train for Olympic ping pong.

PONG from California is a place. on Vimeo.


Patricia Rey Mallen

Latinoamerica by Calle 13

When the images accompany the sound, instead of otherwise.

YouTube Preview Image



Nobody does sports docs (and now web shorts) like the 30 for 30 crew at ESPN.

–Joe Jenkins


YouTube Preview Image


Here’s another example of a cool video that illustrates the concept of surprising stories can capture our attention plus good use of ambient sound and an interesting editing technique too.

done by a grad student at Ohio University J school….posted by Bob Sacha


Handmade cigars from NYC — How they get made — Elbert Chu


Mumbai Golf — Julie Strickland



Althea Chang

A Chicago bakery.  The lighting in the beginning really makes it feel like morning.


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