I was heading down the stairs at school the other day when someone called out “Anika‘s watching a video and she’s getting all teary eyed.”

And so Anika sent me the video. And I got teary eyed too.

To me it’s a wonderful story and an even better story about an issue for a number of reasons: it has conflict, it has change, it has emotion, it has an unfolding action and it helps me see another view on an issue.

What is doesn’t have is a reporter/narrator, no multiple talking heads (not a single talking head) it has no experts, it does not have multiple sides of the issue.

But it makes me feel something and to understand a little more through that feeling.

And the best part…it’s a true story..

YouTube Preview Image

…..and it’s an web ad.

Which brings me back to Anika, who asked me: “Why aren’t more journalists telling stories this way?”

Why indeed?

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