Veronica Moya is an intuitive consultant who uses tarot cards to give readings. Originally from Argentina, Moya moved to New York 15 years ago in search of a career on Broadway. Instead, she’s created a varied career. In this video, Moya discusses her relationship with her tarot cards and profession.

Originally from Argentina, Moya says she’d spent years shelling out money for classes and headshots but always seemed to hit a wall with acting. Then one day while waiting to audition for a role she picked up a copy of Wisdom Magazine, the country’s largest holistic publication, and spotted an ad for a psychic development class. From there she says it all snowballed. She began taking classes, volunteering and giving readings.

Today, Moya offers tarot readings, reiki sessions, baby blessings and officiates weddings. She’s also the one teaching the psychic development classes these days.

Moya, an intuitive consultant, says she gives advice to the people who come to see her based on what she picks up intuitively rather than rationally. “We have intuition or gut feeling or whatever and depending on the person they’re going to use it differently as well. They’re either going to pay more attention to it or less. In my personal experience, because of the way that I manifested in this plain, I came to this earth in general I always used it a lot, I rely on that more than I rely on my intellect,” she said.

“Somebody told me that you will never be an actress. It was awful – I hated him, but he was right,” said Moya.

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00:10 My prejudice comes. Yea. No that’s all you, so any time we get the swords, the swords indicate your insecurities, the crap that you do in your head. Ok so keep in mind, remember, what we talked about last time. You’re meant to be happy always. Things are supposed to work out for you. If they don’t work out, it’s because you’re getting in the way. And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. So that’s the difference between me and other readers. Other readers will tell you oh you had a spell on you or you have envy in your family or something bad’s going to happen to you. How is that even possible? It’s ridiculous! Nothing bad is going to happen to you unless you are at a place where you are welcoming bad, unfortunate events to take place.

01:12 In general people in like my line of work are, like I said, tend to be very superstitious. They do the same thing like they would do with anything else, like whatever mainstream religion would do like go to the church, you have to
confess, you have to do this you have to do that. They will do kind of the same thing, like I said, with the sage and they wouldn’t do this on this and this date because it’s a bad date for that and if the full moon is like this then you are expected to be this way. And if Mercury is in retrograde and oh my God. Uh I can’t take it.

01:53 But this is showing. Actually it’s so funny. I really love the cards. I’m telling you, like I always say, I just repeat whatever comes and your cards are very beautiful and very sweet. This is what we’re talking about you need to work on and only you can do this. This is your job, like right now after we’re done start a spiritual practice, start a meditation practice, go on youtube Like I can recommend people that I like. See if they inspire you.

02:28 And this one is very graphic showing someone whose going like this and someone whose shyng away from the world. This feels like gardbage that you start to smell and just want to throw out.

02:40 I don’t know if I told you, I don’t know the meaning of all the cards. Oh did I tell you this? Yes so I use the cards because I like the pictures, cause I like them I have the same deck I bought like four of the same deck. But it helps, it helps them, it helps me and they do tell me a story. Like I develop a relationship with the cards so the cards and I are one. And it does help me get out of my head.

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