Student work: Fall 2015

Walk on the Dark Side by Maria Sanchez

During the day, Barkev Gulesserian is an experimental music performer. At night, he becomes Bernard Herman, a character who invites people to explore their boundaries and their fears on one-on-one tours on Central Park after midnight...

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Tiger Hoods by Jack D’Isidoro

Alfred G. Evans is a dreamer. His neighbors, and even his family, think he’s crazy for what he does. Evan creates mini-golf courses made out of trash on a thin strip of grass next to the highway. To him, it’s more than an escape--it’s art....

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Am I Dreaming? by Andrew Caringi

If you’re like me, you can’t remember the dreams you had last night. Thomas Peisel not only remembers his dreams, he controls them. During the day he creates videos and commercials, by night he is an author and instructor on...

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Pencils and Corruption 
by Reed Dunlea

Federal court is one of the few places in the United States where cameras are not allowed inside. To visually capture the visual scenes of the courtroom, the public relies on courtroom artists like Elizabeth Williams. She recently drew the corruption trial of Sheldon...

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Mommy, where do barbers come from? by Joe Swide

Tribeca Barber School is located on 113 Chambers Street in Downtown Manhattan, New York City. It is one of many schools in the area run by the American Barber Institute, where aspiring barbers embark on a 7-week course learn...

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