Short Stories

I Expect No One

a great story can be told with no words. There are just 24 shots in this very short film  with no words. This is a great example of how to shoot a scene from different angles

I Expect No One: a film with no words


Living with HIV in Mississippi

Notice she focused in on a single person to talk about a larger issue, the specific made general.


Eli’s BBQ

Short, sweet,simple and tasty. It was used to promote a city but I don’t care: it made me hungry and it wasn’t slick..


Remember Me

Short, simple story about a book.

Not perfect but worth watching because it’s an engaging story about something that should have been boring and non visual: making a book.


A Trip & An Event

If we had an assignment for a video story on a trip, this would receive an “A”.
Cleverly created by my colleague, friend and creative genius Richard Koci Hernandez, with a point and shoot camera.


A Place___Twilight in New Orleans

Another voiceless journey but here not having narration makes sense with the story.
By Jim LoScalzo for USNews and World Report


Sub City…

Simple, visual poetry but could be journalistic with a few sparkling quotes from a subject.

I’ve always loved the moment I come up from underground. Think this could have been shorter but it seriously has a mood.

and here’s another slightly longer story from the same team. AWESOME because the story unfolds in front of the camera as we watch it. GREAT STORY….


When I Was A Kid I Wanted To Be…

Nice portrait with some fun surprises. Could be stronger if it was shorter.

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