OLD_New York Stories of Interesting Issues, Spring 2012


Final Cut of 1-3 minutes  due in class Wednesday, October, 26, 2011

Requirements for Written Journalism and  Delivery of each project:

Each final project will be posted on Vimeo on or before the deadline. Remember it takes time to upload and for Vimeo to process you video, depending on the time of day, the traffic at Vimeo and the speed of your connection. This process might take  several hours. If I log on at the deadline and I can’t watch your video, for whatever reason, I’ll consider it a missed deadline and you’ll be automatically dropped a grade to start.

Each piece must be accompanied by the following six written journalistic elements, all of which must be posted to Vimeo with your video:

– a 240 character description of the story. (For use in TubeMogel)
– a longer 250 word description of the story
– a compelling headline and subhead that  are SEO optimized plus at least 5 tags
– a word for word accurate transcript of the final piece
– at least three suitable links to the subject, story or theme from other sources
– a short behind-the-scenes story about how you found the character, something interesting that happened that’s not in the final piece, why you created this story, etc (great for blogging)

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