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Here’s an example

Bob Sacha

Interview with Seth Godin



Cheryl Chan

Kids On A Wire

Kids on a Wire from World Report Viewfinder on Vimeo.


Zach Kussin

Shop Owner Battles Back After 9/11 Destroys Business, Brings $400,000 Debt



Vincent Trivett

Undercity by Andrew Wonder.  It’s half an hour long, but the first 8:15 sequence in the subways is just incredible, and will probably hook you in for the rest. I put this up here because everything should have gone wrong.  You have mixed light sources, low light, noise, moving subjects, handheld camera, very probable death, dismemberment, or arrest, and this guy mostly stays in focus. The film is an example of what one can do with these fancy small cameras.  Wise editing keeps the pace intense. It’s easy to really root for the protagonist.  Read more in an interview with the filmmaker here.

Lisha Arino

“how crazy is this? // irene + aaron’s SDE”

how crazy is this? // irene + aaron’s SDE from stillmotion on Vimeo.



Tim Verheyden

National Geographic – George W Bush on 9/11

You have got to see the whole documentary. Talking about a good interview. I have got it on my mac. I can share in class.



Ian Thomas


Ray: A Life Underwater

Nathan Frandino

Only a Dream


Ian Chant

The Sagan Series Part 3 – A Reassuring Fable

Kevin Sheehan
The Norton Project

Paul DeBenedetto

Wait For Me (3 Minute Documentary) from Red Light Films on Vimeo.


Patrick Wall

I was going to post “Ray: A Life Underwater,” but Ian beat me to it.  So here’s another one, not quite as interesting, but I think shot well and nicely paced.

“A Father’s Heart”


Jacqueline Vergara

“Pennies Heart”

Pennies HEART from phos pictures on Vimeo.


Nida Najar

“Astrodeck: A Surf Story”



Dan Rosenblum

Brazenhead Books – Etsy put together a video on this “secret” bookstore in New York. Beautifully shot and slowly done, this video sucks you in.

There’s No Place Like Here: Brazenhead Books from Etsy on Vimeo.
Channon Hodge
Mahsaentary on Vimeo

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