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Mary Shell

Blood on the Ice


Selly Thiam

Wait For Me ( 3 minute documentary)


Natalia Osipova



In India, all women must confront the cultural pressure to bear a son. The consequences of this preference is a disregard for the lives of women and girls. From birth until death they face a constant threat of violence. See the project at http://mediastorm.com/publication/undesired


Jackie Snow


sorry the creator is an asshat and blocked the embedding.

(editors noyte> I know Lucy and she’s cool. My guess is that it’s a Reuters kinda thing. But the video is good so watch it here instead.)


Claudia Bracholdt

This video is 10 minutes long, but you should get a feel for the story and character in the first 5.



Jenny Marc

Facts About Projection


Christine Streich

Penny’s Heart

(It’s almost 8 minutes but I dare you to try to stop watching after 5)


Pennies HEART from Eliot Rausch + Phos Pictures on Vimeo.


Geoffrey Decker

Second Chance – Ibraheem Shahadat


Daniel Prendergast

Until my heart’s, like, finished.


Alex Robinson

Mumbai Golf


Peter Moskowitz

Dual Diagnosis




Anika Anand

Goodnight moon


Kenneth Christensen

The Man Who Lived on His Bike

THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.


Nabil Rahman

Meaning in Madness


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