OLD_2011 Spring New York Stories of Amazing People

House of Keys by Lauren Friedman

Phil Mortillaro, a Greenwich Village locksmith and expert safecracker, used thousands and thousands of keys to create the intricate designs that cover his storefront.

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Sour Victory: The price of winning a deportation case by Almudena Toral

José Reyes is part of the increasing number of legal resident immigrants put in deportation proceedings for minor crimes committed in the past. Winning his right to stay in the U.S., a rarity in the post 9/11 era, cost him the custody of his daughters and his health.

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HIV at 21: LIfe and Death then Living by Samantha Stark

When Michelle Lopez and her newborn daughter tested HIV-positive in 1991, she thought their lives were over. With proper care, treatment, and attitude, they are alive 21 years later. Michelle is now the chair of the National Association for People with AIDS.

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Pizza is Good, But Love is it: Pugsley Pizza by Ashley Welch

Sal Natale owns Pugsley Pizza, a beloved hang out for students at nearby Fordham University and neighborhood residents in the Belmont section of the Bronx. Natale, who has been in business for over 40 years runs the pizza shop with the help of his wife and children.  He says he lives by his shop’s slogan, “Pizza is Good, But Love Is It.”

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Subway Sounds: Street Busker Luke Ryan Reflects on 30 Years of Rocking NYC Underground by Matt Draper

Luke Ryan has been singing and playing guitar in the New York City subway for more than 30 years. Ryan, who will turn 60 this fall, reflects on his three-plus decades of underground music while sharing what keeps him coming back.

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Rick Kelly, hand built guitars in New York’s Greenwich Village by Léa Baron

Rick Kelly has made guitars by hand for forty years in the West Village on 42 Carmine Street. He taught himself to make custom guitars with hundred-year-old wood from New York’s old timbers. He’s well known among famous musicians and regular guitarists.

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The Mozambican and the Angolan: A Musical Duo by Megan Izen

DJ Fresh Nunas has a passion for music that he shares with collaborator and friend DJ Felipe. They make music across oceans save for the once a year Felipe travels from Portugal to New York to record and perform. This is a small glimpse into their musical connection during one of those rare visits.

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I’m Disabled, I’m Not Handicapped by Sherrina Navani

Sidiki Conde has survived civil up-rest in Guinea, has survived immigrating to the United States when he didn’t know a word of English, and has even survived living in one of the worst housing projects in New York City. But what he is most proud of is surviving without the use of his legs.

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Brother Michael: From drugs, guns and girls, to God by Al Barbarino

Mike was a young rapper who wanted to fit in. Mainstream rappers influenced him. Rap and life were hardcore. But a near-death experience changed him. His lyrical message went from drugs, guns and girls, to God. Now he shares that message with young adults through rap.

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A Stitch in Time: Boryana Rossa by Alva French

This soft-spoken woman, Boryana Rossa, with a blond streak in her naturally dark hair has had herself stitched, and cut using surgical needles to create her art. She is in Troy, NY, while her husband Oleg Mavromatti is stuck in Bulgaria. This separation is against their will.

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From Nurturing Children in L.A. to Terrifying Adults in New York City by Cesar Bustamante

Terence Taylor has spent years writing television shows entertaining kids. Now he’s pursuing another career writing horror stories to scare those who grew up. The author of the “Vampire Testament” speaks about how he left L.A. and found a sense of community in the city. {Photos from Terence Taylor}

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Alissa Salvatore, Actress, Singer by Paul Bufano

Alissa Salvatore always knew she wanted to be in the starlight. The third child born in a family of five, the Bronx born girl would sing and dance for her parents from a young age. She said it just came normal. Her first encounter with stardom came in high school after her friends heard Salvatore sing. They pressured her to try out for the play Rent, and she got the part. Being on stage in front of the crowed Salvatore said she was able to create an alter ego character and embrace a different side of herself. She was hooked.

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Final Cut of 1-3 minutes  due in class Thursday, March 24, 2011

Requirements for Written Journalism and  Delivery of each project:

Each final project will be posted on Vimeo on or before the deadline. Remember it takes time to upload and for Vimeo to process you video, depending on the time of day, the traffic at Vimeo and the speed of your connection. This process might take  several hours. If I log on at the deadline and I can’t watch your video, for whatever reason, I’ll consider it a missed deadline and you’ll be automatically dropped a grade to start.

Each piece must be accompanied by the following five written journalistic elements:

– a 240 character description of the story. (For use in TubeMogel)
– a longer 250 word description of the story
– a compelling headline and subhead that  are SEO optimized plus at least 5 tags
– a word for word accurate transcript of the final piece
– at least three suitable links to the subject, story or theme from other sources
– a short behind-the-scenes story about how you found the character, something interesting that happened that’s not in the final piece, why you created this story, etc (great for blogging)

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