OLD_Film Festival 1…. due at 5pm, Sunday February 5

Here’s an example:


Bob Sacha

The Johnny Cash Project

to see how this crowd sourced video was created, check out The Johnny Cash Project


YouTube Preview Image


Geoff Decker


Selly Thiam

Splitscreen: A Love Story by James W. Griffiths

Shot on the Nokia N8 Mobile phone. Syrupy sweet but lovely nonetheless.


Peter Moskowitz

On thin ice…ice racing in NH.

It’s 7 minutes so pick any 5 mins you want.



Nabil Rahman
“Pure Imagination”
This is the first video that came to my head.
Natalia Osipova
3-year Old Piano Prodigy Richard Hoffman
YouTube Preview Image
Claudia Bracholdt
Peter and Ben
YouTube Preview Image
Anika Anand
Jackie Snow
Repetitive Motion
Daniel Prendergast
Kenny Christensen
Pong, by ZCDC
Christine Streich
An Afghan Girl’s Quest For Education, Time.com
It’s over seven minutes long, but I think it has a nice break after the first five minutes, so watch 0:00-5:00.

————————–Mary Shell
William and the Windmill


Alex Robinson

Jeffrey: A Documentary Short



Jenny Marc

Last minutes with ODEN

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