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Here’s an example:


Bob Sacha

The Johnny Cash Project

to see how this crowd sourced video was created, check out The Johnny Cash Project


YouTube Preview Image

Vanesa Vennard

Rilo Kiley music video for the song “Breakin’ Up.”


Rachel Sapin

“Bowies In Space” from episode 6 of Flight of the Concords



Ezra Eeman.

Excerpt from ‘Plot Point’

Filmmaker and artist Nicolas Provost has recorded everyday life around Times Square in New York and edited the resulting footage in such a manner that it triggers our collective memory about action and crime narrative. Police cars, uniforms, ambulances, and crowded streets, very soon turn into a perfect filmic scenery questioning the boundaries of reality and fiction, but also the narrative codes of cinema (tension curve, climax, plot point), playing with our expectations.


Lindsay Lowe

Ad for Carlton Draught (Australia)


Terry Chao

The Queen of Versailles


Nathan Fitch

Sound of Vision, watch up until 5:09.


Sean Flynn

Gangs and Drugs in Rio De Janeiro Favelas

YouTube Preview Image


Oulimata Ba

Single Ladies Gone Wrong

YouTube Preview Image


Susan Lisovicz

Allie Howard Wants to Swim the Skeena

YouTube Preview Image


Lisa Armstrong

Deep South













David Lewis

Here is the text that accompanies this video:

“This young man was walking out the projects at Mott Haven a few weeks ago and cops were at him…Latino cop was visible uncomfortable with us watch and making lil side comments…its a shame he chose to be a pig

Lisa Ortega 4 months ago”

YouTube Preview Image


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