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How St. Louis County’s Screwed-Up Court System Breeds Resentment by Laura Bult

“Small Change” posted by Kyle Ligman

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Applying the Knowledge – Minda

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 8.36.03 PMhttp://www.nytimes.com/video/t-magazine/100000003223621/applying-the-knowledge.html?playlistId=1194812905212&region=video-grid&version=video-grid-thumbnail&contentCollection=T+Magazine&contentPlacement=3&module=moreIn-videos&action=click&pgType=Multimedia&eventName=video-grid-click

Enchanting Fireflies Paint the Sky Submitted by Rikki Reyna


Ai Weiwei posted by Matt

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Strangers at Sea, Oliver


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Here’s the Film Festival Voting Form

right here. 

Must be completed by Tuesday at 5pm

The Nature of War Submitted by Arman Dzidzovic

The Nature of War from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

STILL LIFE (2014) / behind the scenes submitted by Rosie

Gulabi Gang (short video from Al Jazeera; this clip for promo) submitted by Jennifer

Living like kings, submitted by Camilo Gomez

“Figure Father” submitted by Erica Edwards

“The Poetry Whores” submitted by Erica Edwards

Out of Eden Walk/The Ocean Door – Submitted by Stefani Kim

Lady at the Piano submitted by Rikki Reyna

Modern Love | Into the Woods submitted by Arman Dzidzovic


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Alfredo’s Fire – Submitted by Mariana Marcaletti

Gorillas in the Crossfire, submitted by Valentina Cordero


A small surfer makes big waves (Minda)

Refuge in Music

The story of 19-year-old jazz player Alfredo Colon, based in Harlem. By Denisse Moreno

Have you Forgotten submitted by Cherice

A beautiful waste submitted by A. Toral

Rick Owens – In The Studio (Matt)

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Film Festival Voting Fall 2014

Here’s the voting form.

Please voted by 8pm Tuesday night.