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The Shirt on Your Back

So this is a link to an interactive feature with a bunch of sequential videos….. they’re all pretty cool. the project is pretty cool. etc


Stop Telling Women to Smile submitted by María

The Hand That Feeds (trailer) – Caroline Lewis

The Hand That Feeds trailer from Robin Blotnick on Vimeo.

FLO submitted by Qingqing Chen

China’s Web Junkies – Submitted by Colin Archdeacon

YouTube Preview Image

“From Lunch to Landfill” submitted by Meral Agish

From Lunch to Landfill from KPCC on Vimeo.

“Passion” – Graham Corrigan

The Last Clinic posted by Jake Naughton

“Change for a Dollar” submitted by Jaclyn Anglis

“Everything is Incredible,” posted by Kayle Schnell

Everything is Incredible, Film About a Disabled Honduran Man Who Has Been Building A Homemade Helicopter from Tyler Bastian on Vimeo.

Dance Through by Graham Corrigan

Growing up, Damani couldn’t ride his bike past a silver streetlight halfway down the block. The gangs hung out past that streetlight, the same gangs that stabbed a man in front of Damani when he was young. But despite the tumult, it’s hard to find Damani in anything besides a good mood, especially when he’s dancing.

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Crossing the Divide – by Kiratiana Freelon

Louis C.K.’s Opening Monologue – Corrigan

Coal Mining – Dickerson


One Woman Army: Crafting the Ideal Vermouth by Oresti Tsonopoulos

Bianca Miraglia is a one woman vermouth-making machine. She forages for many of her ingredients, only uses local products and refuses financial assistance. Her start-up, Uncouth Vermouth, only produces a few hundred cases of product every year, and that’s how Miraglia likes it.

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One Track Mind: Life as a Subway Dancer by Jake Naughton

Chris Gonzalez is a subway dancer who dances to free himself from the bad he’s done. Because of his criminal record, every day he goes underground is a risk, but he’s determined to leave that behind and make a new future for himself.

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Angela Murdock: The Starter by Kiratiana Freelon

Angela Murdock has four world records… under her gun. As a starter official in track and field, she is the person who says, “Ready, Set” and shoots the gun at the beginning of sprint races.

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Zewdu the street child submitted by Qingqing Chen

Clown Travels the World By Bicycle: Submitted by GHogan

“Silent Night” submitted by María Villaseñor

“Back to Innocence” submitted by Jaclyn Anglis

“Get Old” Hy Snell, 94 by Mathilde Hamel

“Get Old” Hy Snell, 94 from Variable on Vimeo.

The Art of Plumbing by María Villaseñor

A plumber from Long Island City, by way of Argentina, takes a creative approach with the pipes, wrenches, nuts and bolts that he uses. Cristian Torres finds a new meaning in his work.

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Still Life: Divya Does Taxidermy by Dominique Lemoine

Somewhere between life and death, preservation and decay, lies a subtle space where science meets art and the morbid can become beautiful. This is where Divya Anantharaman, a young rogue taxidermist, operates. Through unsettling but whimsical pieces, Divya gives a whole new meaning to life –and death.

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