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Moments submitted by Mariana Marcaletti

Burial Boys of Ebola submitted by Rachael Levy

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Surviving an ISIS Massacre submitted by Rachael Levy

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What is Love? Submitted by Melisa Stumpf

The Diatomist, submitted by Jennifer Lehman

Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges submitted by Valentina Cordero


kite Fighters. Submitted by Denisse

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Alt-J “Every Other Freckle” Boy and Girl versions submitted by Kyle Ligman

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“Death to the Tinman” submitted by Kyle Ligman

“Hittin’ Trains: A New York Subway Dancer’s Story” submitted by Erica Edwards

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray submitted by A. Toral

Green Porno: Earthworm posted by Matt

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MazaCoin: The First Native American Cryptocurrency submitted by Stefani Kim

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Compost State of Mind submitted by Rachael Levy



Granite Earth – Submitted by Kyle Ligman

“Howard’s Farm” by Laura Bult

Touch the Sky submitted by Melanie Bencosme

Posted by Melanie Bencosme


How to Draw a Human Heart submitted by Melanie Bencosme


Posted By Melanie Bencosme


The Liberty Factory submitted by Rikki Reyna

Morocco’s Mule Ladies submitted by Rachael Levy

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Mitt Likes Music, Including This (submitted by Rosa Goldensohn)

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Portrait of a Percussionist submitted by Jennifer Lehman

Who Speaks Wukchumni? submitted by Valentina Cordero

Follow your fears, submitted by Camilo Gomez