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WatchTower of Turkey posted by Bob Sacha



Turn Out for What by Laura Bult

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Moving a Tree from Rosie

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Kurdish Fighters in Iraq Submitted by Arman Dzidzovic

Beautifully shot hard news piece. CLICK HERE TO WATCH screenshot

Man in Van posted by Rosie

The jump, submitted by Camilo Gomez

the jump

The Jump from Loading Docs on Vimeo.

Real LIfe submitted by Bob Sacha


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Aspirational, by Laura Bult

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Made In New York ft. Derek Jeter submitted by Rikki Reyna

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Brighton submitted by Cherice Chen

A Marriage to Remember submitted by Minda Smiley

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Little Failure, Morrison

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Moments submitted by Mariana Marcaletti

Burial Boys of Ebola submitted by Rachael Levy

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Surviving an ISIS Massacre submitted by Rachael Levy

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What is Love? Submitted by Melisa Stumpf

The Diatomist, submitted by Jennifer Lehman

Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges submitted by Valentina Cordero


kite Fighters. Submitted by Denisse

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Alt-J “Every Other Freckle” Boy and Girl versions submitted by Kyle Ligman

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“Death to the Tinman” submitted by Kyle Ligman

“Hittin’ Trains: A New York Subway Dancer’s Story” submitted by Erica Edwards

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray submitted by A. Toral

Green Porno: Earthworm posted by Matt

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