Bob Sacha_ FF Three, due 5pm, Sunday September 16

Here’s is the official film festival ballot.    You can start voting on Sunday evening.

Anna Halkidis

In Love and Loss


Nadia Sussman

From the Lives Restored series (sorry I can’t get it to embed)

If you have the time on your hands, here’s another excellent feature, though it’s longer than what we’ll do for class and does incorporate some narration.


Kevin Loria

The Making of “Hero”


Erin Horan
“Big Vinny”
A used car salesman reflects on a more successful time…

Colin Weatherby

A moment to reflect as the Barclay Arena gets set to cut the ribbon. A short from 2008. RIP to the original Freddy’s. Best Bar in Brooklyn!

One evening, David Sheets read a story about a new basketball arena proposed for his neighborhood. Then he realized the plans were drawn right over his house. Hold Out is the story of a few neighbors who haven’t been very easily dislodged. See the project at


Patricia Rey Mallen

Life in a Day by Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott.

This is the trailer for Ridley Scott’s online video experiment, in which he asked youtube users around the world to submit videos on their daily life, all shot on July 24, 2010. The result was a 90-minute documentary, edited and corrected from 4,500 hours of raw material submitted from 192 countries. Here are 1 and a half teasing minutes.

YouTube Preview Image


Kamana Shrestha

Tattoo Artist Butterfly

A woman’s story on how she became a tattoo artist in India

By DjVibe

YouTube Preview Image


David Sanchirico

The Smokehouse
by Smith Journal

The Smokehouse from Smith Journal on Vimeo.


Jane Teeling

Amar (all great achievements require time)
by Pilgrim Films
(It’s over 9 minutes long; I suggest watching the first five)

Meet Amar. He works two jobs to support his family, and he also goes to school. This piece is a simple tick-tock, a day-in-the-life-of. No bells and whistles, no narration; just great sound, shots and sequencing.

Amar (all great achievements require time) from Pilgrim Films on Vimeo.


Menglin Huang

“Esquivel” by David Hubert: It is very short piece about shoe-production. But I love how it makes the natural sound of shoe making rhythmic.


Bela: L’Homme Chat (Bela the Cat Man), Julie Strickland

Our previous film festivals have been lacking in cat videos.


Don’t mean to hammer the sports thing too hard, but I thought this was a really well done video. Nice and short too.

Joe Jenkins



Elbert Chu: From a boxer to ballerinas’ handmade custom shoes. $500,000 each year at the New York City Ballet.


* * *

Althea Chang

The world population has reached more than 7 billion and it’s expected to reach 9 billion by 2050.  LA Times asks how we’ll be able to feed them all.

YouTube Preview Image
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