If you’re like me, you can’t remember the dreams you had last night. Thomas Peisel not only remembers his dreams, he controls them. During the day he creates videos and commercials, by night he is an author and instructor on lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming has helped Thomas overcome his fears, reconcile past relationships and mourn lost loved ones. Through years of practice, he has mastered the art of dreaming, using this powerful tool in both his sleeping and waking life.

Through simple steps like keeping a dream journal, getting a good night’s sleep and every day questioning his state of reality, Thomas has explored the inner landscape of his subconscious through the power of dreaming.

Even in his waking life, Thomas is a dreamer. Every day he asks himself the question, “Am I dreaming?” And every so often, his reality his abruptly turned upside down when the answer is yes.

Thomas keeps up these daily rituals in order to unlock the full power of lucid dreaming, which he says has completely transformed his identity.

His life changing experiences are detailed in his book, A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming and every summer he guides want-to-be lucid dreamers through this inner landscape in his course “A Journey to the Dreamworld.”

“Later in life it occurred to me, it’s not about sleep. It’s about waking up,” says Peisel. “It’s about waking up to your dream life and it’s about waking up to your waking life. And for you to be the dreamer of both.”


My name is Thomas Peisel and I’m a lucid dreamer.

Our dreams have a present moment, just as real as this waking world. So awakening to that present moment is lucid dreaming.

We can guide our dreams. We can receive insight or guidance or healing or even self-discovery while within our dreams.

Alright, this is called The Journey
This is the first time I’m flying into space
This starts with me downstairs in my old house
This is called Lincoln’s vision
Woman in gold
Only the reflection of things
Training in a mansion
Hunting down Batman

[Sigh] What the fuck.

So I’ve had a lot of profound lucid dreams but one that really affected me was here in New York. I dreamed I was in New York and it was this rainy night and I was in the city. And I remember walking against traffic and I lifted up and started flying.

The moment I hit the rooftop and looked out, I was so humbled and awe struck. I looked out and I could see in crystal clear clarity the entire city below me. I could see lights and people. And I had this moment where I realized, ‘I’m in this dream, I’m inside of it, but all of this around me is inside of me. And in that moment, I felt myself expand, and I was permeating all of it, I was no longer Thomas, I was every single thing of it, and it was such a profound shift of my identity.

Dream temples existed in ancient Egypt and Greece and they were these sacred place people would go to have healing dreams or revelatory dreams.

The people who would guide the dreamers into sleep were called The Masters of the Secret Things.

I’m teaching a course called A Journey to the Dream World, which I began about three years ago. You’re going on this journey into this inner world and this course is all about how to navigate that inner realm.

It’s hard to believe that we have this in our life, especially because most of us traditionally don’t remember our dreams, we’re taught that they’re nonsense. So its always, always about direct experience. Know for yourself that this exists.

I always consider it like it’s a passport to this inner world, like I’m going to explore this inner landscape, and here’s my passport to it, and I’m gonna log all my experiences, like some explorer.

Later in life it occurred to me, it’s not about sleeping. It’s about waking up, it’s about waking up to your dream life and it’s about waking up to your waking life. And for you to be the dreamer of both.

It also helps with death and knowing that death might not be as scary as we think. That you exist more than just a physical body. That the world outside of yourself physically is not all there is.

And you can know this directly, not through dogma or belief, you can know this through your own direct experience, I think that’s beautiful.

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