My favorite radio show makes science sexy and intriguing.

Not only do they take science, which heretofore has been boring, and they manage to make it exciting. They also combine stories and create storytelling that is remarkable.

If they can do  that for science, maybe we can be inspired to make storytelling sexy for other subjects too.

The Atlantic Magazine breaks it down.

>>>An update on 2/2/2012: Want to add a few more thoughts, based on the blog Advancing the Story, which is an intelligent take on broadcast storytelling. The post is called ” How to sound more conversational” and they talk about RadioLab and their amazing story “A Very Lucky Wind.”

Two thoughts: 1) How do these guys sound so natural? Well, it’s not…quite..natural.. and the blog references a wonderful story

2) And one big take away is this quote from Advancing the Story..

TV news continually loses ratings. And one way we broadcast journalists can fight back and hold our audience is to sound like human beings on the air. Not know-it-all stiffs. One way the opinion guys kick our ass and appeal to an audience is that they talk like normal people, not like news robots speaking their stentorian news-speak. So I wish more broadcast journalism had such human narrators at its center. I think that would help fact-based journalism survive.

So, as the story asks: Do You believe in Miracles? Take a listen…especially if you love to see how music, voice, and storytelling work brilliantly together.


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